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Scale of Limiting Beliefs to Manifestation

Do you know someone who is always negative, skeptical, afraid to be open to possibilities? When asked if she wants to do something her go -to answer is no, though she may think about it and say maybe. Do you also know someone who is unfailingly positive, almost too cheerful and may be unrealistic? She is a free spirit, which is at times delightful and other times a little annoying. These are two ends of the same spectrum, and everyone falls somewhere on that scale. I like to call this the Scale of Limiting Beliefs to Manifestation.

Limiting Beliefs Limiting beliefs are what hold us back from moving forward with new possibilities. We may erroneously believe that we are not capable of achieving something because we’ve internalized what we’ve heard about ourselves. Long held beliefs can come from parents and teachers giving us a negative message, or from peers at various points in our lives. We’ve come to believe these things are true and don’t challenge them or allow for the possibility that we can change.

Manifestation Manifesting is based on the idea that you can make your dream come true by having a clear vision of what you want. Manifesting generally means using our feelings, beliefs and thoughts to bring something into reality. By visualizing specifically what you want and through positive attraction, manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life.

Until recently, I never would have believed I’d write about manifestation. I was entrenched in a very practical outlook on life, needing evidence and reality to shape what I thought to be true. However, gradually I’ve come to realize that I need to make room for the idea that I do have some power and control over what I put out in the universe and what I want back from it. Like so many people, the pandemic has re-shaped how I look at the rules and paradigms in my world, questioning what I thought was certain. While this may be unsettling, it is also liberating. Why not be more open to new ideas and envisioning how I want things to happen? I’m not talking about throwing out my entire world view of course, just loosening it up. I can be resistant to being open to new ideas(just ask my family!), but if I have nothing to lose by trying, then why not indeed?

Woo-Woo I am loathe to be involved with anything I’d consider woo-woo, which means (by my definition), anything that is super touchy-feely, unscientific and appeals to superficial people willing to believe in all kinds of nonsense. This is my own bias, and what comes under the label woo-woo for me may not match what it means to you. But the point is that we all have our own spectrum. That’s the far end of the scale, beyond manifestation. Where we are on the scale from limiting beliefs to believing in manifestation can vary by what’s

going on in our lives at the time. We are constantly changing and reacting to circumstances

both in and out of our control at any given moment. As they say, “the only constant in life is


You and Your Universe

We can apply our place on the scale to any area in our life: relationships, career, health, how

we parent, etc. depending on what you need in your life at any given moment.

If you are struggling in a relationship, try manifesting the way you’d like this relationship to be. Obviously you can’t change the other person, but you can step back and monitor your interactions and patterns with that person in a more objective light. Is there a way to get your needs met better, perhaps by looking at them in a new way? Are you considering how you could better meet the other person’s needs? Imagine putting it out in the universe that you want this relationship to improve, and then start noticing if there are any actions you can take to make that happen. Even small steps can gradually affect a change in how we think about something, or someone.

Another example might be how you think about your career. If you are feeling like there is room for improvement, get some clarity about what you would like the next phase to be. Stay positive whenever you envision it, try to park your concerns. This doesn’t mean you will be unrealistic and not plan for challenges, but it does mean allowing yourself the pleasure of dreaming a little bit. Since you never know what may happen, it’s possible that something may go well. Focusing only on the negative outcomes does not protect you from bad things happening, it just gives you a negative perspective. Instead, if you open the door a crack to the idea that good things can occur, then you are inviting them into your life.

Naturally, you’ll have to do the hard work (remember we’re not talking woo-woo), but while you’re working you may as well be in a better mood.

Only you can define the term “universe” and only you can live in your version of it. I have discovered it is a malleable, flexible concept, that reflects where I am in my life at a specific point in time. It is constant, yet it changes subtly. I’m most aware of it when I am making an

effort to manifest what I want, and what the messages I am sending. I hope you will find a way to manifest what you want most in your own universe.

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